Harper's Ouija Board Environmentalism

"Harper stands up and waffles on about trying to call for 50 per cent emissions reductions. Where on earth is he getting those numbers from?" Weaver asked. "They're certainly not coming from Canadian scientists. Maybe it's coming from a Ouija board or something. But nobody knows where it's coming from.
The above quotation came from Dr. Andrew Weaver who is a part of a team of international experts in climate that won Nobel Prize in Peace this year. Most reputable scientists from around the world have been warning the world and its "energetic" leaders about the hastening pace of global warning which is beyond the scientific expectations of the past, and urged more urgent research to be immediately undertaken so that more practical recommendations could be turned into universal policies in the global arena, but all they are getting is stupefying avoidance, and even cutting down of their essential research is getting less attention from "in-bedded" global media.

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