Mush, Name Sake and Bubble Dome

Some calls him Mush, as if to rhyme his name with Bush. Pakistan's military dictator Musharraf have other similarities with his rhymed name sake. He is also "waging war on terror", by incarcerating progressives, human rights activists and the lawyers and justices from the low to highest levels of courts. Human rights activist Asma Jahangir writes, "Ironically the President (who has lost his marbles) said that he had to clamp down on the press and the judiciary to curb terrorism. Those he has arrested are progressive, secular- minded people while the terrorists are offered negotiations and ceasefires."

His paid goons slapping the front and back sides of head of "prisoners" being taken away in long blue police vans. But unlike Bush who has at least so far kept the public demonstration of adherence to democracy, however flimsy that may be in reality, Mush has brazenly abandoned his long fusing facade of respecting democracy or the constitution of his land. He has unleashed, once again, his military prowess on any dissenters who had ever dared to speak against his camouflaged autocratic rule.

When Pakistan's Chief Justice Iftikhar Hussain Chaudhry confronted Musharraf's dictatorial government regarding “disappeared prisoners, harassment of women and rushed privatisations", Mush and his autocrat buddies had branded him as Taliban sympathizers. They invoked the age old and fearsome words of "terrorism" and "terrorists" and mashed them all in Chief Justices' defiant but lawful dissents. Convenience of mixing apples and oranges for the frenzied world was abundant while in reality Pakistan's Intelligence Service have and had deep involvements of creating and maintaining the Taliban menace, in hyper myth and absolute nuisance.

Only time will tell if Mush has really lost his "marbles" this time around. As long as he gets repeated adoring patting from his secret and open admirers like his name sake and high stake "intelligence collaborators" from near and far, Mush will surely feel uplifted and daring, even while the certainty of a pending democratic revolution gathers momentum just outside his bubble dome.