War on Cancer - Part One

Two articles recently published in The Washington Post and AlterNet provide a good overview of current status on "war on cancer", a trendy catchy term of our time, but what a let down for the global populace is observed when in depth scrutinizing is in place, deciphering murky details from colorful advertising billboards.

Significant progresses against cancer indeed have been made through more concerted efforts by governments, increased public awareness and tremendous achievements in scientific world. However, trends point to uncharted territory that haven't been taken into account due to preserving commercial interests.

Modernity has given us technological wonders, practical usefulness of cellphones, computers, ease of traveling to distant places by abundant automobiles and planes, comfort feeling at home, seating in a velvety couch, our feet rested on thick soothing carpet. For many, food is plenty, anything can be bought from super, giant grocery stores, flashy clothes can be bought even from the comfort of a home just clicking mouse buttons surfing internet sites.

Lest we get too comfortable from these "modernity", the rise of toxic chemicals in our body is alarming. Hereditary does play role in cancer, but greater roles are played by how one lives one's life, what one eats, what good or bad habits one possess, these all play much greater roles in case of our cells go wild, too free radical.

Misconceptions is abound when it comes to cancer. The wide "gap between the actual causes of cancer and popular belief is even greater when considering pollution-related causes." Dr. Richard Beliveau and Denis Gingras in their book "Food that Fight Cancer" observe: "In general, the risk factors that are difficult to control - those of hereditary, environmental, or viral origin -- are responsible for about 30% of all cancers. Conversely, many factors directly related to lifestyle choices, such as smoking, lack of physical activity, obesity, dietary habits as well as the immoderate use of alcohol and stupefiers, are the direct cause of the onset of about 70% of all cancers!"

..............To be Continued in Part Two