Oil - Super-Spiked?

Goldman Sachs is predicting $80 a barrel by April 2008, forecasting a better supply and lesser demand for oil. Like them, some in the financial sector thinks that the current high price of oil is already taking a toll on motorists' "thirst" for more oil, further predicting that if the price of oil goes higher before April 2008 in this coming winter, the demand for "spiked" oil will be lower.

Isn't it like wishful thinking? The rise of demand from China, India and other economically energetic nations will surely put more pressure on world's current oil supply, though however "optimistic" OPEC may seem in the front page of global news. Yes, there will be new oil field discoveries, that will surely help, but increasing demand is out-stripping supply, and will do so in foreseeable years, unless, demands can be cut down by supplying alternative energy in the market, and also putting more energy efficient vehicles on the road.

It may seem "super-spiked" for the "gurus" of financiers, and damage-control in spins perhaps in active motion, but the facts of a dwindling fossil fuel doesn't change.