Ak Seconder Nai Bhorosha - Instrumental Music of a Bangla Song

Instrumental music of a song I remember listening long time ago. A legendary singer from Bangladesh, Firoz Shai sang this song, even at one of his very last concerts.

Transliteration from Bangla:
Ak Seconder Nai Bhorosha
Bondho Hoibo Rong Tamasha
Chokhhu Mudile hayre dom furaile
Rongin Rongin Dalan Kotha
Dami Dami Gari
Jomi Joma Ghor Loia
Koro Kara Kari
Are Share Tiin haat jaygaow hoyna
Share tiin haat
Share tiin haat jaygao hoyna matir monjile
Chokkhu mudile, hayre dom furaile
Shada Kalo Koto Ronger Koto Rokom Manush
Ai Duniyar Jolsha Ghore Poira Thake Behush
Ai Gana Bajna Shesh Hoibo Gana Bajna
Are Gana Bajna Shesh Hoibo Nesha Furaile
Chokkhu Mudile hayre dom furaile

English Translation:
No guarantee for a second
All colourful shows will stop
when eyes close, alas! when breathing ends
Colorful homes and buildings
Expensive cars
You wrangle over land properties and homes
But even three and half hand length
space is not given in the home of earth
when eyes close, alas! when breathing ends
White, black, so many colorful human beings are there
in this world's music hall, lying unconscious
These songs and music will end, these songs and music
Yes, these songs and music will end when addiction ends
when eyes close, alas! when breathing ends