Mayabono Biharini Horini - Instrumental Music of a song by Rabindranath Thakur (Tagore)

Instrumental music of a song originally composed and written by the poet Rabindranath Thakur (Tagore) (1861 - 1941). It is possibly more than a century old song.

English Transliteration of the Bangla lyric

Mayabono Biharini Horini
Gohono Shopono Shoncharini
Keno Tarey Dhoribarey Kori Pon
Mayabono Biharini
Thaak Thaak Nijo Money Duretey
Ami Shudhu Bashoriro Shuretey
Porosho Koribo Orey Prano Mon
Mayabono Biharini
Chomokibey Fagunero Poboney
Poshibey Akashbani Sroboney
Chitto Akulo Hobey Onukhon
Dur Hotey Ami Tarey Shadhibo
Gopono Biroho Dorey Badhibo
Badhono Bihino Shei jey Badhon
Mayabono Biharini

My English Translation of the song lyrics
Enchanted illusion filled
Forest wanderer deer
Is a deep dream seeker
Why pledge to catch her
Without any reason
Let her stay lost in her mind
Far far away
I will only touch her soul
With the tune of the flute
Without any reason
She will be startled
By the heavy spring drizzle
Thunder from the sky
Will ease into her ear
My heart will be restless
Without any reason
From far away I will seek her,
Will tie her in secret sorrowful bond
That tie is invisible, untied
Without any reason


  1. Literary translation is correct. But the thing is that most of Rabindranath's songs have a deep intricate meaning attached. Ordinary people can't grip that subtle meaning. All of his songs, even the love songs are dedicated solely to God or The Eternal Light. Mayabono biharini song is the description of 'maya' or 'delusion' in this physical world. The 'horin' is the apple of our eye in this physical world. We run after all false things in this world despite knowing the fact that these all are not eternal and thus useless. That is why the yogis of India seek 'Detachment" (Dur hote ami take sadhibo...), because the only thing eternal in all the three worlds(Physical, Astral and Causal) is The Eternal Light. We try to prevent ourselves from worldy matters but fail to do so and each time we make a 'Promise' or 'Pon" to remain detached, but unknowingly and 'without any reason' we fail......

  2. the piano was awesome.
    and thanx for the translation, i've read a couple of translate version of this song. But this one smells better :)


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