Eid Mubarak - Ramjaner Oi Rojar Sheshe Elo Khushir Eid - Instrumental Music

Eid Mubarak to all my family, friends and everyone, here and abroad. Wishing the joy and happiness throughout your life. 

Instrumental music I played in my oldie keyboard "Ramjaner Oi Rojar Sheshe Elo Khusir Eid" - a song composed by the Bengali rebel poet Kazi Nazrul Islam close to a century ago. He lived from 1899 to 1976. Nazrul's music, poem and writings reverberate the themes of humanity, freedom and love. He wrote against fascism and oppression during its frenzied climb, and was always against any kinds of bigotry and intolerance, he was for the emancipation of forgotten and poverty stricken mass.

This particular song is very popular in the Bengali speaking world, many prominent singers performed this many times. I have distinct memories from my early childhood, listening to this song in the evening when the moon was sighted for the on coming Eid celebration.

Eid Mubarak to everyone!

English Transliteration:

O mon Romjaner oi rojar sheshe 

Elo khushir Eid
Tui Aponake aaj biliye de
Shoan asmani tagid

Tor shona daana balakhana

Shob rahe lillah
De jakat murda muslime aaj
Bhangaite niid

Tui porbi eider namajre mon

Shei she eidgahe
Je moydane shob gaji muslim
hoyeche shohid

Aaj Bhule giye dost dushmon

haat melao haate
tor prem diye kor bishsho nikhil
Islame murid

Jara jibon bhore rakhche roja

Nitto upobashi
Shei gorib etim miskine de
Ja kichu mufid

Daal Hridoye tor Toshtorite

Shrini Touhider
Tor dawat kobul korben hojrot
Hoy mone ummid

Tore marlo chure jibon jure

Eat pathor jara
Shei pathor diye tolre gore
Premeri moshjid

I thought of translating it by myself, then a few key strokes search led me to an excellent site that is dedicated to Nazrul's works. From this site www.nazrul.org the following English translation of this song is obtained. My friend Farooq bhai (Dr. Mohammad Omar Farooq) translated it in 2006. Source link: www.nazrul.org/nazrul_works/faro…z_ramadan_eid.htm

English Translation (by Dr. Mohammad Omar Farooq)

O heart, Ramadan has come to an end,

and the happy Eid knocks at the door for all, 
Come, today give yourself away wholeheartedly,
heed the divine call.

Offer all your wealth and treasure 
for the sake of your Benevolent Lord, 
Pay zakat to awaken the dying Muslims, 
from the slumber that they can't afford.

Come, O heart, offer your Eid prayer 

in that sacred plain, 
where valiant Muslims sacrificed their lives 
and became martyrs, not in vain.

Let's forget today who is friend or foe, 

and hold each other in caring embrace. 
Let your love be the magnet
to bring the humanity to Allah's grace.

Remember those in perennial fast, 

constantly in hunger and deprivation,
Share with the poor, orphans and the destitutes,
to make inclusive your celebration.

Pour into the bowl of your heart

the ambrosia of tawheed. 
The Prophet himself might accept the invitation,
and come to join your feast, indeed.

O heart, with the very stones or bricks 

that some people hurled at you all along, 
build a wonderful mosque of love
with foundation, solid and strong.